Grammies Dolls was started by a grandmother who thinks all children can and are someone’s “little dolls.” I also believe little girls should look like little girls for as long as possible. These “lil dolls” grow up fast enough on their own, their clothes should not push them along.

I also believe that modest clothing should be affordable. If clothing is not affordable, then we are left only with what we can afford and that means the immodest clothing available at most department stores. With that in mind, Grammies Dolls was formed to share modest children’s clothing with mothers everywhere who want their children to be children.

I began sewing in my teens, taught by a very proficient grandmother.  I took those skills and began making my own clothing, partly because of a love of creating, but mostly because I was not a fan of the current fashion trends (I preferred to be a bit more modest in my apparel).  When I began having children, I wanted my daughters to be dressed as little girls not miniature teenagers. The solution was to sew their clothes for them.

Now I am a grandmother of three and I love those lil dolls more than words can say.  My grand daughter is the middle of the three and, like all lil dolls, absolutely precious.  When she moved from infant clothes to toddlers, my daughter made the same discovery most children’s parent make – those dresses are simply too short.  More importantly, the styles are a bit old for little girls.  I started making her clothes and when her friends saw them, a business was born.

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