How Grammies Dolls will change and what will not change.

You will have noticed by now that Grammies Dolls has a new look. It does the old site was hard for you, my customers to navigate….well to be honest it was hard for me to navigate too. So we changed that!

Now what other changes are going to happen and why? Well one thing that you learn by the time you get to be a Grammie is that change is a good thing if it improves things. These changes will do that. They will allow me to serve you better and get you what you want, clothes for your children that keep them young for as long as possible. Ok so what are the changes?

Well one of the changes will be pre-orders. I will post an outfit, actually my hope is that I will post 2 outfits each month during the first week of the month. They will be open for orders for 1 week (7 days) your going to place your order and the outfits will ship out to you during the third week of that month. This should stream line things for everyone.

The ready to ship items will still be available to purchase at all times. The items in the gallery are still going to be available for order, BUT and this is a big but those order opportunities will be limited to 4 items per month. So you will need to plan accordingly to get into the slots for custom orders.

All of these changes are designed to help all of my customers to get what they want in a timely fashion. So whats up for pre-order this month? well you will know that on monday but let me tell you these are some great items!!!

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